DériveLab : Project 2
Sound and Interaction
multimedia approaches to creatively inhabit contemporary cities
The Centre for Creative Collaboration (C4CC). 16 Acton Street, Kings Cross, London WC1X 9NG

Open Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th July 2010   |   Private View : 22nd July. 6-10pm   |   Lab open by appointment 12th - 22nd July

Photo and design by Attilia Fattori
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Lawrence Abu Hamdan

Meera Chauhan

Melanie Clifford

Amir Cohen

Christopher Collier

Hedva Eltanani

Franziska Lantz: DriftShift

William Joys

Lauren Lapidge

Fabiola Faidiga

Attila Fattori

Angelo Madonna

Paul Malone

Doron Polak+ Michael Lazar

Massimo Premuda

Luis Ignacio Rodriguez

Joachim Raab

Nicola Rae

Jason Ramanah

Giorgio Tentolini

Chris Thompson

Alyssa Ueno+Lei Hattori

Albrecht Wild

DériveLab: Project 2 deploys multimedia approaches to creatively inhabit the contemporary city. It seeks to negotiate a space for social and topographical experimentation using the concept of dérive, ('drift', 'drifting') as its point of departure. Acoustic sounds, sonic frequencies, film, photography, digital interactivity, kinetic media, performance, performative texts and dialogue will all be experimented with during this Lab project.

Working alongside sound artists and international artists, in person or online, we do not wish to be overly prescriptive about the work that may emerge. Collaboration will be understood as non-hierarchical and democratic, allowing productive partnerships to form in order to make new work. In their ecological projects Helen and Meyer Harrison describe a process of 'active listening' while engaging in 'conversational drift', allowing a freedom from polarity which allows many forces and voices to operate. Tangential thoughts, stories and reflections become an important part of the communication. This has relevance to our project as it emerges through dialogue and negotiation.

Reflexively documenting our working processes will take place throughout the project. A website (+online catalogue), Ottica TV online streaming, + blog will provide dissemination of the project.

Emerging DériveLab ideas:
Psychogeographical sounds and film footage from various international cities will be transmitted online to the Centre of Creative Collaboration. The network of participating cities will include Tel Aviv, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Paris, Trieste and Parma.

Model railways criss-crossing the space at above head height are also envisaged. These will transport philosophical trains of thought.

The curators of DériveLab : Project 2 are Nicola Rae, Christopher Collier, Paul Malone, Alyssa Ueno, Attilia Fattori and Lauren Lapidge.

DériveLab Blog: More about DériveLab Theory by Christopher Collier

On the Possibility of DériveLab: DériveLab as a new theoretical and practical approach to concepts of dérive - an essay by Christopher Collier

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