Slippery Clock Mechanism. 'Universe'

#02 Periastra : Participants : David Bloor

About the artwork


The work takes inspiration from 'The Universe Symphony' an unfinished work by American classical music composer Charles Ives.

Ives' work was conceived in 1915 and revisited in 1926. In a quote on one of the scores Ives imagines the work "striving to ... paint the creation, the mysterious beginnings of all things known through God and man, to trace with tonal imprints the vastness, the evolution of all life, in nature, of humanity from the great roots of life to the spiritual eternities, from the great unknown to the great unknown."

Much of life is unpredictable, using Ives's ideas around indeterminacy and musical quotation the work uses a self built 'slippery clock' to trigger events within a modular synthesizer. A system of action and reaction, appropriate response or equally appropriate non response or marginally appropriate inappropriate response.

About the artist

David Bloor is an artist and musician interested in how people respond to limitations, each other and their environment. His work includes installation, performance and recordings under the name 'Dirch Blewn' with releases for labels 'Linear Obsessional', London and 'Game of Life', Athens and a forthcoming release on 'Soft Error'.

He works with kinetic sculpture, analog assemblage, modular synthesisers and a self built, 63 channel, 8bit, surround sound, off grid recording studio which forms the basis of '24hr Community Composition' which will be at Sanctuary Lab 2017 in the Galloway Forest. He is currently an APT graduate studio award winner and co curating the APT summer exhibition - 'Touchstone'.