#13 Periastra : Participants : Rupinder Khaira

Interested in the things we cant see but experience...

I am Ria Khaira, a recent graduate in MA Fine Art at the University of Creative Arts Canterbury (September 2021), specializing in exploring phenomenology, Buddhist philosophy and scientific perspectives. 

I am interested in the components that affect our experience and interaction with the environment. My recent work explores questions related to whether objects exist independently or dependently through the Buddhist philosophy of 'emptiness', investigating whether all objective existence is reliant on the 5 aggregates of form, sensation/feeling, perception, mental formation and consciousness. The term ‘Emptiness’ reflects the nature of objects (including human beings) being empty of an inherent self and full of the cosmos (Hahn 2012).

My research in this theory has sparked an interest in various philosophical perspectives such as intentionality, dualistic monsim, structural semiotics/language, Daoism, Wu Wei and scientific standpoints from the likes of Physicist Karan Barad, and scientist David Bohm. 

I have several art practices that are all part of my creative development and ideas, such as automatic painting, digital collage, screen printing, ceramic/ cast work and mixed media installations. 

About the artwork

'Introspection' The concept of this work reflects on the idea that when things are seen clearly, without judgement/labels there is a an opportunity to transform and change our own awareness.

I wanted to convey this notion with particular focus on the repetition of occurrence, the highs and lows of challenging mind consciousness and the disparity of perception.

I have worked with raw materials, and clear forms in reflection of seeing things as they are, in its true nature