Meteor data from a single night, composed onto a single image.


#16 Periastra : Participants : UKMON

Network of 90+ detection cameras recording meteors and fireballs over the United Kingdom. A thriving community of Citizen Scientists just enjoying their hobby.

UKMON is all about team work and collaboration, and having some fun along the way. It is a hobby after all, albeit one with very serious scientific intent.

Our core principle is the open sharing of data with meteor observers worldwide. When not busy on the day to day running of UKMON we are working hard to expand our network by encouraging others to join in. We have seen a huge amount of interest from the general public and have run some very successful social media campaigns via Facebook, Twitter and via our website. Our online meteor watch events have been hugely successful in generating public interest and we thoroughly enjoyed interacting with a global audience.

Science can be great fun!

About the artwork

Nicola Rae will be presenting a medley of fireball videos collected by the UKMON members. These will be projected onto an installation she will be constructing in the rear gallery space.