Joachim Raab
'Salt Pot 164 / 88 / 93'

25 cm high x 20 cm diameter
kitchenpot ( sheet metal ), salt cristallized with water / air ( dry now )

At first I am a painter. I perhaps painted since my second year, sitting on the knees of my grandfather, who was a painter too. I watched him painting his water-colour paintings.

I started to work with salt beneath my paintings from 1975 on, I don't know why ! ( we had enough salt at home, as you can see ). It was and is fascinating to see how that mineral works in combination with water and the atmosphere. How it changes its surface, builds up cristallisations and returns into salt brain. Salt is in permanent motion, outside us and also in our brain and our blood. We could not think without salt !

For the Perpetuum Mobile Exhibition in APT I will show a salt installation and little salt pictures who also can change their surface.

Joachim Raab, Frankfurt - Germany. 22.02.2008

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