AstroLAB : About
AstroLAB came together in 7 days. Since hearing that the project had been selected by the APT Gallery Committee, we have been furiously engaged in contacting artists through our extended networks. Also included are a number of recent postgraduates whose work reflects the concepts of the exhibition.

With today's modes of communication and networking this means that we can interact with artists at much greater speed, depth and flexibility than before. Artists can now transmit digital files and working instructions online for us to print and assemble their work, or send physical work to us on a 'next day' freight basis. As with other exhibitions that we have curated, the core of the communication process is the website and this is one of the first aspects to be generated.

But most of all this is a fun thing to do and it is a delight to work together with other artists to generate an exhibition. Some we have worked with over a number of decades and some we meet for the first time. We hope to move this project forward and extend it into future years.


Paul Malone and Nicola Rae 2014
Curator/Artists: AstroLAB