MOLE 2020 : Video Still


Chlorophilia : Artists : Alma Tischlerwood

About the artwork

I did not plan to make this short film. It happened when I was working alone in Kearsney Abbey Gardens, in Kent, during the Summer of 2019. I built 'Alice' - a saucer-shaped public art installation made from recently felled trees. The afternoon was warm and still. I reached into my bag for a peach and was surprised by the nearness of the sound.

As surface dwellers, we tend to forget that, under every green tree, shrub or blade of grass, there is a subterranean world of unimaginable horror. Presumably, the creature was as reluctant to look at me as I was fearful of seeing it. Our brief meeting ended as it began; with an embarrassed shuffling sound. Fresh earth is all that is between us now.

Video installation

About the artist

Alma Tischlerwood, visual artist and founder member of artist collective Foreign Investments. Her work deals with disturbance on many levels, including the interference between colours and patterns. In which we can sometimes discover a refreshing dash of irony and humour. The work is realised through paint, performance, lines, room installations and film.

Tischlerwood's individual and collective works have been shown at Tate Liverpool, the Bluecoat, the Freud Museum, the 5th Istanbul Biennale (Fringe), the 48th and 51st Venice Biennales and in 2018 during a month-long residency at the Hafnaborg Museum in Iceland .