'Green Pool', Duckweed, water, timber, pvc membrane. 3 mtrs x 3 mtrs. Constructed 2011

Chlorophilia : Artists : Chris Marshall

About the artwork

Swamps, quagmires and marshes have been an important source in my practice. They symbolise the beginning, the original landscape facilitating a desire to seek and present elements of the environment stripped and laid bare to it's core and essence. To feel the pulse of matter, life and energy.

Duckweed is the smallest flowering plant. By multiplying, growing and knitting together, the leaves form a green seductive surface.

It is contained and confined to a square; a focus that becomes part of the architecture, unsettling in its presence.

Note: Exhibited is photo a documentation of the work.

About the artist

Chris Marshall lives and works in London. His Practice is multi disciplinary with a focus on Installation and site specific outcomes.

Much of the work evolves from investigations into material, matter and stuff, challenging the ways we see these by manipulating and exploiting their characteristics and playfully changing their identity to arrive at new forms and formats.

He has recently been exploring photomontage in both still and moving image. These allow for a more direct, visceral and immediate statements responding to and reflecting personal insights and observations on his surroundings.

His researches lead him to locate materials that relate to and reflect his deep concern for environmental issues that are prevalent and of urgency today. They are often difficult and uncompromising materials that are seeking to make challenging visual statements.

He has exhibited widely nationally and internationally.