Caption: Gnadenbrot


Chlorophilia : Artists : Hanna Rut Neidhardt + Joachim Raab

About the artwork

Gnadenbrot* is the title of a picture book by Hanna Rut Neidhardt and Joachim Raab.

Fascinated by a series of Joachim's photos of shagged out caravans in the surroundings of Frankfurt am Main, Hanna put these mobile objects' peculiar appeal into words. Rusting away, some of them get their gnadenbrot in exchange for obscure purposes; others seem forgotten between trees as they are overrun by moss, ivy and foliage. All of them radiate an odd aura of mystery; regarded with pity, or struck by the spell of a hermetically sealed capsule.

*Crumbs out of Pity, meaning feed for an aged farm animal that has been put out to pasture

About the artists

Joachim Raab b1948
HfG Offenbach + Städelschule Frankfurt am Main
Picture maker ( Paintings / Photos / Texts )
Major themes: Leviathan, Ödipus, Erlkönige, the kings2bodies etc.

Hanna Rut Neidhardt b1946
Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität Ffm
Städelschule Frankfurt am Main - Interdisciplinary Art
Cycles - classification systems - drawing - collage - installation - performance - text - books. Likes to work as a team - and/or project-related

'Gnadenbrot', brochure, edited by Hanna Rut Neidhardt Ffm 2020. 21 photos colour + black and white by Joachim Raab.
Text Hanna Rut Neidhardt, translated in English by Nicholas Corvin + Anett Enzmann; 56 pages + cover.