BLM Series 2015.


Chlorophilia : Artists : Jheni Arboine

About the artwork

I am working on a series of paintings that blend abstract geometric painting and concrete poetry in the context of Covid on the themes of 'Black Lives Matter' and Biophilia, a semiotic encoding of, hope, resilience and optimism.

I have had so many different ideas about how to approach the theme of the exhibition, Chlorophila. After some entrenched and entangled critical reflection, lots of notes, sketches and green tea. I made the decision to see the different aspects as part of the same creative ecology.

About the artist

Jheni Arboine is a graduate of Chelsea College of Arts, including BA Fine Art in 2014 and MA Fine Art in 2015. Her studio practice of abstract geometric painting and concrete poetry is underpinned by ideas around semiotics, or the theory of signs.

She is a Senior Lecturer at the University of the Arts London and is part of a team of UAL Leads in the Academic Enhancement Model (AEM) which supports necessary change to the curriculum and teaching practice. She also works with Fine Art courses at Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon, including teaching on some of the Fine Art undergraduate courses. During lockdown, Jheni's south London home became her studio, office and library.