Caption: Timeslips (2019) stillframe [Section Two] from single channel HD video installation with stereo sound; duration 00:39:35


Chlorophilia : Artists : Marlena Novak and Jay Alan Yim

About the artwork

Timeslips creates a poetic frame for considering the state of mind of an interplanetary agronomist-a lens for probing ethical entanglements that include altering the weather to protect vineyards, the Indian Removal Act of 1830, or planetary scale terraforming and biosphere transformation.

Mars has a rotational period slightly longer than that of Earth at 24:39:35. In Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy the solution to that difference is a programmed pause between 00:00:00 midnight and 00:01:00, called the Timeslip-a time outside of chronometric time, and a suspension of the relentless hegemony of the clock that becomes an opportunity for reflection, introspection, and mindfulness.

Our fictional protagonist is an extrapolation of efforts currently underway: German researchers are already exploring techniques to grow vegetables in space at Neumayer-Station III in the Antarctic, and a startup in Los Angeles is building massive AI-powered 3D printers intended one day to manufacture rockets *on* Mars.

People have intervened with our planet for millennia, with varying degrees of unintended consequences. But faced with the hyperobject of the climate crisis, we find ourselves in the midst of an overdue debate about if, when, and how must we alter Earth's environment, a project of such scope and complexity paralleled only by the steps necessary to colonize Mars.

How much is too much?

About the artists

Marlena Novak is a multidisciplinary artist and a professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago who has extensively exhibited her work internationally, received several grants and was an Artist-in-Residence at the Creativity and Cognition Research Studios in Loughborough in 2000, siva)(zona in Korcula in 2015, and in Krems in 2018.

Jay Alan Yim is a composer and professor at Northwestern University whose music has been featured at international festivals and performed by the New York Philharmonic, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic, and the Orchestre National de Lyon.

They founded localStyle to address issues of climate change and extractivism, expanding to focus on non-human others via themes such as electric fish, and the crisis facing coral reefs, whom they consider the voice of the Anthropocene. They invited Joslyn Willauer-who works through a range of media technologies exploring the intersection of feminism and technology through dis/embodied relationships of capital, environment and virtual interaction-to collaborate on Timeslips.