Chlorophilia Frequencies, 2020


Chlorophilia : Artists : Nicola Rae

About the artwork

The substantiation of sunlight through photosynthesis into living frondescence is explored in this installation made for Chlorophilia. Recent video footage from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)'s Atmospheric Imaging Assembly relays the X-Ray solar flare region of the Sun at 6,000,000 Kelvin, projected as a green filtered sun.

Pickups have been attached to the stems of Buddleia plants that have adapted to living in zinc buckets beside Deptford Creek. When interacted with, the branches sound and amplified plant frequency visualisations are projected onto a porthole. Referencing Cage's 'Child of Tree', these plants become interactive instruments to be improvised on sonically through the careful plucking of their branches. Plants respond to contact and sound waves, adapting to changing conditions.

About the artist

Nicola Rae's art practice engages with scientific processes explored in installations that include digital technologies, analogue equipment and physical computing. Since 2008, a series of installations visualising the sonic have responded interactively to a variety of acoustic sources and microphones picking up co-produced sound as well as site responsive experimentation. Other sound frequency installations have responded to online recordings of electro-acoustic phenomena as well as interdisciplinary collaborations with scientists and their research data.

Collectively initiating and co-curating exhibitions with others has become another important aspect of her working process as an artist. Encouraging longer set up times that allow for on-site experimentation and collaboration is of continuing interest.