Phase 1 bell jar experiment; Montgomery Childs in attendance


#14 Periastra : Participants : SAFIRE

The Safire Project is a set of laboratory-based experiments to 'explore the role of electricity in stellar and planetary phenomena', in particular, to independently test the Electric Sun theory.

[1] Based on a 'Design of Experiments' approach, and using a SCADA control system, Safire focuses primarily on observation and experimentation, instead of theory and simulations.

[2] Experimentation takes place in a large vacuum chamber, that has also been described as 'A Star in a Jar'. The wide variety of data generated by the chamber allows a comparison with data retrieved from the Sun, that is more than just a visual comparison. SAFIRE is an acronym for 'Stellar Atmospheric Function in Regulation Experiment'.

To date, the Safire Project has not found any disparities with the EU/ES model.

About the artwork

Projected in the rear gallery is the ignition of the firing sequence of the sphere within the vacuum chamber. These first few seconds have been slowed down several times to see in more detail the initiation sequence.

Here you can see the 'anode tufts', balls of arcing plasma suspended in a glow discharge, that emulate the granulations found composing the surface of the Sun. Evident also are the halos of 'double layers' (Langmuir sheaths) that act like 'electric waterfalls' interpreting the potential drop, in a step-wise fashion, from the anode to the surrounding electrical environment.