'GOLEM / Methamorphsis' Video created by Doron Polack and Norma Drimmer. 2018
Doron Polak

the artist in Permittivity

This video in the exhibition talks about the changes that occur in our life.

A man is born from earth, from soil, and returns there at the end of his life. I am attempting to analyse through my body, this connection to the earth.

What is meant by this process of creation? That of being a part of the 4 elements of our world - Water, Fire, Air and Earth.

Our body contains it all. Each change in our body reflects something in our world. Emotions and physical touching - that is the story. What do we feel? How do we react? Is it all about our so-called 'developed' animus...?

Is this not so?


the artwork in Permittivity

'GOLEM / METHAMORPHOSIS' is inspired by Kafka and the Myth story of the Rabai from MARAL..

The real story deals with the good and the evil forces in our world. the Golem was created from mud in order to protect people. But at the end he had his own independent powers and energy. He started to kill and to destroy people.

Somehow good intentions sometimes turn to bad intention.

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Doron Polak is an artist and curator who lives and works in Tel Aviv (Israel). He studied Fine Arts at Tel Aviv University and also Talma Yalin (Tel Aviv), and completed advanced studies in creative drama in Berlin and London.

Doron Polak is the founder of Projective, an organization whose mission is to help artists integrate themselves in the art market and Artura, which is committed to promoting public and community art. He has organized to date, more than 300 exhibitions.