'Desert SBS' Stereoscopic panorama video. 2018
Lorent Rezari

the artist in Permittivity

Lorent Rezari is an artist and software developer that researches the instances in which virtual data overlaps and extends onto physical spaces, whilst exploring how this relationship between the two realms displace and alter viewer perception to introduce new experiences that exceed the limits of human reality. The movement and processing of data is an event that takes place simultaneously to your day to day life and phases by unnoticed. Lorent's practice looks to highlight these virtual instances using physical computing, immersive hardware and software.


the artwork in Permittivity

'Desert SBS' is a stereoscopic panorama video that depicts a real time simulation of a desert environment that is inhabited by AI controlled meshes. The work explores the idea of distance and how data masked as virtual objects can bring us closer to familiar environments or experiences that are often limited by distance. Yet, these AI scripted meshes remind us all too well that it's a simulation as the cacti and rocks move frame by frame across the desert landscape. The fine line between virtual and physical realms is crossed, but further explored through the many ways the content can be presented. The video changes depending on the hardware and how it reads the video format data. The film is presented on a monitor that is unable to process the films 360 format and presents the video in its raw form. The video can only be experienced in 360 through the use of immersive hardware which is present within the space. The scene has been developed using game engine software, and has been capture rendered through an experimental 360 camera developed on Unreal Engine 4.

artist information


Lorent Rezari graduated in Fine Art: Sculpture at Wimble College of Art. He now has joined an immersive collective that looks to discover what the art of works of the future will be like, contributing as a software and immersive developer. He has also been involved in some digital art events within the Tate and is now looking to introduce immersive content within industry and the arts, whilst researching and understanding immerging technologies.