Video still from 'Contraband'. Exhibited at Drawn Beyond, Wimbledon Space, 2018.
Lucy Wheeler

the artist in Permittivity

Artist Lucy Wheeler researches the interrelationships between objects and cultural phenomena using object oriented ontology's school of thought. The things in question can exist in many forms and often appear in a scale that can't all be perceived by human perception. They can only be partially noticed as they exist in a larger scale that we can't comprehend. It is this partial notice that can be manipulated; the selected objects begin to possess different values, or begin to resemble and appropriate other myriad of forms. These multifaceted objects are delegated to the status of a 'hyper object.'

These relations and appearances are not meant to be understood, but discovered. Assembling the fragments these 'hyper objects' present, produce a phenomena that is familiar but new.


the artwork in Permittivity

The installation will include a projection of a recent animated film, a printed material and immersive content. The three parts will be exhibited within the permittivity of space: sometimes together and sometimes apart. The three works will be physical and immersive representation of the tiger oil (a desired and rare fluid). The tiger oil in an imagined world has a similar function to oil, with desired scarcity but donning the patterns of a tiger to gain their endangered status.

The works look to present the different appearances and realms the tiger oil can take whilst existing in different realms. The tiger fluid is a deduction of the environment it belongs to.

artist information


Lucy Wheeler graduated in Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Arts, University of Arts London last year. Since she has exhibited in spaces across London and engaged in various collaborative digital projects. She has supported immersive technology workshops with the Digital Maker Collective in Tate Modern, Somerset House and the British Film Institute. She is interested in how social arts engage with digital technology.