'Rope' 2013. Pigment powder on cardboard
Serena Amrein

the artist in Permittivity

I never think in pictures. I think in processes.

In my work, I move in the area of tension between precise planning and uncertainty. Influenced by the behavior of the material, I explore new possibilities and develop techniques that leave a gap to chance. It creates work cycles in a reduced language with minimal resources. An invisible space is described by the swinging of a rope. Movement is visible through a thick rope, which is thrown onto the image carrier with a loud impact. It is a circle around the core of the representable - unrepresentable and of the experiment.


the artwork in Permittivity

Process, picture and action area.

The rope requires a tangible, firm handling. Factors like weight, gravity, strength, coloured powder come together. A direct realization of the moment - irretrievably authentic.

In the creative process on site I will include impressions and materials from the environment.

artist information



Serena Amrein, born 1964 in Switzerland, lives in Darmstadt (D). After her artistic training at the College of Design in Zurich, she moved to Berlin in 1990. Her work has received numerous scholarships from the Kuratorium Aargau (CH). In 1995, she received a scholarship for an artist's studio in the Cité des Arts, Paris. In 2004, a three-month study trip to Morocco followed. The Mannheim Art Association awarded her the 2009 Kuratorium Prize. Since 1992 she has taken part in individual, group and thematic exhibitions.