'Transitions'. 2023


#06 Valency : Participants : John O'Mara

About the artwork


Outside. It is pouring. Threaded beads of it shatter as it's dropped from the flat porch roof. The sky is steel blue, dull and low. And then, a little later, it is gone. Pushed out by light, and something fresh.

High above, a passenger planes vapour trail, rolls, and, piece by piece, teases itself apart.

About the participant

I have always had a fascination with water. I was born in the spa town of Cheltenham. My family and I settled in various houses, that circumnavigated the Malvern hills. Another source of spring water.

The Malverns igneous rocks, naturally filter the spring water that pushes its way to the surface. This cyclical process forms part of the hydrosphere. It's water has no minerals, no bacteria, lumps or bumps. It is totally pure.

Many of my pieces have facilitated surface tension, as does the aquatic insect, the waterboatman, when he or she, skitters across the water, never breaking it's surface but using it as a means to propel its way forward.

I continue to be intrigued by water in all of its chemical guises whether that be, droplets of vapour in the air, steam, ice or just plain water


1977-1979: Worcester technical college. Art Foundation course.
1979-1982: Central College of Art and Design 


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